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We'll think of something.....

Is it the kind of day I would wish it to be?

It is so interesting and refreshing to see the sheer variety of people generally enthusiastic not only of this service, but of themselves/ourselves here, where they/we congregate. Not only gather but friend and read each other. This is a part of virtual burning man. Smiles.

Me? Now married with NCarolinakid as of Feb 12, 2011! Polyamorous, but not seeking any other partners. Open to meeting new friends, maintaining those friendships, would consider safe potential play partners, and being in touch with any/all others webwide. I have a goal also: living real meat life as fully as we can together whomever and wherever you may be, whatever it is that we do. All levels and walks in this life are welcome here!

I'm finally setting a friends view and a public view. (6.2006) Update 3.26.2008... I have arranged my friends filters so that there are various groups that are interest based. Just so happens that the one I called sexplicit is also used for the most personal posts I make online. Feel free to ask to be added if you think you are missing something.

I continue studying 'A Course In Miracles'. Completed my first reading of the text in September 2007 , and my first time all the way through the workbook on 10.19.2007 (started both in 12 of 2005). Update 1.09.08: Have started doing the Course again a second time. The Course and reflection upon it have led me to various contacts in higher power relationships and moving forward from organized religion to independent beliefs, believing in our higher power, practices and study incorporating many of the world's spiritual methods, views, and learning devices. Have studied and practiced metaphysics for about 35 years, had a couple of years with the chaos folks, had an 11 year period in the episcopal church lay ministry, study ACIM and T/theosophy, and am a practitioner and teacher of independence and healing. Pagan ways fascinate me. So does science.

Daily life includes working at being the healing teacher that I am; building a successful eBay business at WWW.TLC-SLO.COM. Shingle hanging out there says "project manager/systems analyst and marketing specialist". I do coaching, mentoring, spiritual guidance, and peer counseling for individuals; marketing analysis for product and service businesses, political campaigns, and nonprofits (GOs and NGOs). AS degrees in Computer Information Systems; Liberal Studies with a concentration in Sociology, and a four year certificate in T/theology (EFM) from Sewanee, University of the South in Tennessee. Lots of Life Experience.

My partner in love is ncarolinakid! We are blessed to be compatible and growing our relationship together. I'm polyamorous, but not promiscuous.

Seems like long ago when I said, "This 'having strength' thing is not all it's cracked up to be". In 2008 an angel spoke in reply to that saying, "Tears is strength". Sharing this concept is worthy of meditation and discernment. So is sharing the love, which is also worthy of beingness.

Sometimes I don't post for awhile. I tire of talking about myself. I value your interests, avidly reading my LJ Friend's pages. If you want to check 'Friend' please do.

The adventurine continueen!

Off now to do other things, and will write every chance I get.
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