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Very Friendly Journal [Mar. 23rd, 2016|10:36 pm]
Trema-slo's LiveJournal is totally friends only.  I'm interested in others and welcome you friending me.  I will friend you back.  "We'll Think of Something..." to comment on back and forth I am sure.  If I haven't seemed to notice you or you want to intoduce yourself here feel free to comment on this post.

On LJ Friending keeps the entries mostly off the internet --circulated throughout the Friends group-- so personal things can be discussed and shared.

LJ is Community.  Join, and Friend others.  Always.

Please check out my userinfo profile page and click add this user to your friends list.

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2010 Arrives [Jan. 1st, 2010|01:33 pm]
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Hello Earth, and livejournal friends. What a year it has been and what are we being given to see in the new one?

As many of you by now know, in late September ncarolinakid got down on his knees and caused me the shock and speechlessness of my lifetime by proposing that I be his wife. For the very first time in life, I have a husband. This engagement has thrilled me (dare I say) to no end.

After almost going into foreclosure we managed to borrow enough and earn enough to keep our home. Expensive, yet I have learned a good lesson in never getting three payments behind on house payments. One of the more critical things I've learned and can apply outside my own situation is how to negotiate and deal with the damned bank, and also how to overcome the feeling that they are doing something to me that is beyond my control.

Business on eBay WWW.TLC-SLO.COM is UP. The goal now is to manage to keep enough product in stock (listed) to meet the budget. TLC-SLO enters the second full time year of being my support and livelihood. I thank all who have participated in any way and especially anyone who has been, or will become a customer, and those who have made products available to us to sell for a profit to keep growing enough to be successful at this collectibles and useful things business.

One of the keys in A Course in Miracles (a book, my religion, so to speak) is to realize there is a loving god or higher power one connects with, and that beyond that all is of one's own creation in the mileau with everyone else. Allow that there is purpose not just randomness in one's life and then even when the decisions are tough and the going gets hard remember the very worst that can happen is "I'll have to start over". The occupation of life is forgiveness and the two --and only two-- jobs available are healing-teacher and teaching-healer. The purpose of our livelihoods beyond survival is to witness our loves inspiring our loves. With this knowledge I overcome depression or doubt, I live happily and receive gently. We can practice whatever forms of relationships and play we feel comfort and fulfillment from, for there is no sin beyond the original mistake of the thought that we might be separate and all msitakes stem from that. The solution therefore is to believe and when that doesn't work ask for a different way to view the situation. Over again, as the onion skin enfolds, the spiralling universe we create from chaos and harmony emerges and the root of conciousness emerges into the light and the dark.

Love everyone at the level you feel they wish to be loved at. Have faith that you are capable of loving another in support of the other's highest spiritual goals in love.

The sermon concludes. Amen.

First understand, then even dismiss this and seek your own answer, and then remember to ask for a different way to view the situation. Really mean it when you do. My life includes goddss, so I say "god, I desire the experience of love, yet have no idea how that would come about. I leave that in your most capable hands".

And that truly is godds function. You can say higher power instead of god if it makes you comfortable. You can say nothing has ever or will ever prove that THIS comes about because of a god. At the end of the discussion we all might just sit there and say GOSH. Yet the truth is it works on the personal level just as it works in physics. Take a chance. Leap. watch as the net appears.

Kristina M. Norris introduced me to Rochelle, who became my partner in 1988. Rochelle had her birthday to eternity in 2000. After keeping in touch for a couple of years after that Kristina and I lost contact. Thanks to Facebook we have made contact once again. Kristina has just published her first book of a trilogy, a science fiction novel of Martian life that predates Mars' inability to support life as we think of it today. I have just started reading her 390 page tome yet I know there are subplots of transgendering, some animystic life forms (in the second book), and fantasy in a rich cosmology of Martian excitement and lifestyle ahead in the reading.

If you'd like to take a look at my friend, Kristina's book check out www.caipria.com and enter the realm of "KASEI". An epub ebook is available for $9.99 and hardcover and paperback copies signed by the author are also available. Kristina hopes for time for writing and editing and any remuneration will greatly assist her networking with the science fiction publishing world that her 8-6 daily retail job currently makes ultra-challenging. Kristina acknowledges the help and encouragement provided by a mentor who recently passed on. I say, let's get together folks and be the friends and mentors for one another that we all need.

I notice it's been about half a year since my previous livejournal post, yet as you know, I've kept up on your journals as much as time allows. I am actually quite proud to be a lifetime member of livejournal, and plan to continue here. Facebook and twitter cannot replace this type of community. I appreciate all of the support and friendship we share here and will endeavor to be visible more often in the coming year.

Happiness and blessings for your New Year. May what you desire find its way to you. May we all be knowing of and experiencing love in all of its dimensions. Peace. And don't forget to have a great day!


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What we already knew getting some scientific collaboration [Nov. 20th, 2008|10:53 am]
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Just some news being passed along that makes things a bit clearer for the queerer...


Transsexual gene link identified
Australian researchers have identified a significant link between a
gene involved in testosterone action and male-to-female

DNA analysis from 112 male-to-female transsexual volunteers showed
they were more likely to have a longer version of the androgen
receptor gene.

The genetic difference may cause weaker testosterone signals, the
team reported in Biological Psychiatry.

However, other genes are also likely to play a part, they stressed.

Increasingly, biological factors are being implicated in gender

There is a social stigma that transsexualism is simply a lifestyle
choice, however our findings support a biological basis of how gender
identity develops
Professor Vincent Harley, researcher

One study has shown that certain brain structures in male-to-female
transsexual people are more "female like".

In the latest study, researchers looked for potential differences in
three genes known to be involved in sex development - coding for the
androgen receptor, the oestrogen receptor and an enzyme which
converts testosterone to oestrogen.

Comparison of the DNA from the male to female transsexual
participants with 258 controls showed a significant link with a long
version of the androgen receptor gene and transsexualism.


It is known that longer versions of the androgen receptor gene are
associated with less efficient testosterone signalling.

This reduced action of the male sex hormone may have an effect on
gender development in the womb, the researchers speculated.

"We think that these genetic differences might reduce testosterone
action and under masculinise the brain during foetal development, "
said researcher Lauren Hare from Prince Henry's Institute of Medical

Co-author Professor Vincent Harley added: "There is a social stigma
that transsexualism is simply a lifestyle choice, however our
findings support a biological basis of how gender identity develops."

Although this is the largest genetic study of transsexualism to date,
the researchers now plan to see if the results can be replicated in a
larger population.

Terry Reed from the Gender Identity Research and Education Society
said she was convinced of a biological basis to transsexualism.

"This study appears to reinforce earlier studies which have indicated
that, in some trans people, there may be a genetic trigger to the
development of an atypical gender identity.

"However, it may be just one of several routes and, although it seems
extremely likely that a biological element will always be present in
the aetiology of transsexualism, it's unlikely that developmental
pathways will be the same in all individuals. "

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/10/26 13:01:09 GMT

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